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Web-Based Assessments

GroupKnowledge, our Java-based assessment tool designed for the Web, is the most effective and efficient way for large organizations to measure and improve performance.  Once you have chosen the assessment criteria, GroupKnowledge allows participants to answer questions on the web, receive instant feedback reports, and share improvement ideas with colleagues.  The best way to understand how GroupKnowledge works is to take a FREE TEST DRIVE.

iQ Company can provide a turnkey solution allowing members of your organization  to answer your own assessment questions, see results,  and share solution ideas on the Internet or on your private Intranet.  For more information please Contact Us.

GroupKnowledge revolutionizes the quality assessment process by reducing cycle time and producing detailed graphs and reports that reflect up-to-the-minute trends in enterprise-wide surveys.

Capitalizing on the latest in Java technology, GroupKnowledge allows participants and administrators worldwide to perform assessment-related tasks. GroupKnowledge also reduces redundant work for organizations that perform more than one quality survey by integrating related portions of assessments. Simply import scoring and comments from one related assessment to another (e.g. ISO to Baldrige).

With GroupKnowledge, your organization can expand the knowledge base of its employees. Designed to facilitate knowledge sharing, you can configure GroupKnowledge to allow survey participants to view and compare results from your entire organization.

GroupKnowledge helps you to harness the power of your organization's corporate intranet to rapidly conducting enterprise-wide assessments. This helps you understand organizational strengths and weakness.


  • Works with common internal audit criteria such as ISO 9000, Baldrige, and QS-9000
  • Saves many hours of data collection and compilation by automatically merging submitted scores and comments
  • Prepares presentation-ready graphs and reports
  • Eliminates time spent learning new software by using standard browsers such as Netscape Navigator and Microsoft Internet Explorer
  • Prevents redundant work by importing answers from related assessments
  • Facilitates knowledge-sharing among employees
  • Incorporates password protection and anonymity for sensitive information
  • Permits users from all over the world to participate in the same assessment with no added time, effort, or expense

The GroupKnowledge hierarchical structure makes it a powerful tool for data collection and evaluation.

Requirements: A corporate Intranet and browser software

Test Drive GroupKnowledge.

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