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Management Consulting
iQ's CEO, Dr. Craig Kaplan, specializes in helping other CEOs and senior executives understand complex information technology issues so that they can make better strategic and operational decisions. Examples of some recent consulting engagements include:

  • Advising executives, controlling budgets up to $6 billion, on technology strategies.
  • Evaluating technology, management, and business prospects of high-tech companies for investors and boards of directors.
  • Developing technical requirements and Request For Proposal documents for multi-million dollar I.T. projects. Managing the RFP and vendor selection processes.
Implementing Assessment Solutions
Dr. Kaplan, and other members of iQ's team, consult with organizations seeking to design and implement high-tech assessment solutions for internal and external customers. Leveraging eight years of experience and several generations of assessment technology often allows iQ to deliver better solutions at less cost to clients. The following papers and presentations illustrate some of our past work in this area:

"Technology for Team-Based Quality Assessments" (article originally appearing in National Performance Review - MS Word format - 44KB)

"Team-Based Assessment in the Information Age" (MS PowerPoint presentation - 1540 KB)

"Team-Based Quality Self-Assessments for Software Companies" (MS PowerPoint presentation - 746 KB)

"How to Conduct a Successful Baldrige Assessment" (PDF* file - 256 KB)

Designing Collective Intelligence Solutions
Finally, iQ's research team includes the leading experts in collective intelligence - a new technology that can provides competitive advantage to large organizations interested in online decision-making, problem-solving, and knowledge management. iQ's team consults with early adopters who wish to design collective intelligence capabilities into their existing or proposed systems. The following IEEE research paper describes one application of the technology.

"Collective Intelligence: A New Approach to Stock Price Forecasting" (PDF* file - 66 KB)

* In order to view this file you must have the Adobe Acrobat Reader.  It is free to download from Adobe Software.

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