iQ Company

iQ's Values
Planet, People, Profits.

Planet: If we want to survive long-term, we have to take care of Earth.

People: We can do more together than we can alone.

Profits: Profits come from the value we create together.

iQ's Mission
Invent & Consult.

We invent & consult to boost human intelligence.

For example, our assessment technology helps individuals make smarter decisions by providing them with knowledge about their organizations, their partners, and their customers. Our collective intelligence technology goes one step further and creates a system that makes better collective decisions than the individual participants can make alone.

Once we have invented a technology, we consult with clients to help them develop and deploy specific solutions that match their needs. We also advise executives on a wide variety of strategic IT issues. Strategic consulting is another way of boosting the intelligence of the entire organization.

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