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Christophe NeyChristophe Ney

Christophe Ney is an independent software engineer who provides consulting services on innovative hypermedia projects. He is the initial developer of IQ's Group Knowledge product.

Christophe Ney's ten-year experience in hypermedia technologies covers design, architecture and development of systems ranging from CAD to Internet applications. Christophe Ney has conducted development of virtual communities tools, web portals, e-commerce sites and e-learning applications.

Christophe Ney graduated with a master's degree in numerical analysis from Universite of Paris Sud and an Engineer Diploma from Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Techniques Avancées. Recently, he has completed the "Certificate In Multimedia Engineering" from UCSC and the "English for International Business" program at U.C. Berkeley.

Christophe Ney is also involved in open source R&D projects such as Enhydra (Lutris Technologies) and JOnAS (Evidian). He is an active member of the objectweb consortium.

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