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Robert Lara

Software QA Engineer, Web Developer, Business Systems Analyst, Manager   541-902-2089
87786 Sandrift Street
Florence, OR 97439


Bob Lara has experience in all phases of software development. As a Software QA Engineer and Manager, he has successfully implemented software quality solutions that led to significant software quality improvements at IBM and EPRI. As a manager, Bob has developed company-wide quality policies, and then led teams of QA engineers to implement software quality improvement solutions. As a QA Engineer, Bob has developed test plans, test cases, and quality plans. He has executed automated and manual test cases on Windows and Mainframe systems, including Windows 2000, ME, 98, 95, as well as CICS and IMS/DB-DC.

As a developer, Bob has developed Web sites for various clients. He uses HTML, MS FrontPage, JavaScript, and PERL to develop Web applications. Bob has some experience with the C language, which he used to modify WinRunner automated test scripts to enhance automated test suites. Bob has also used COBOL, PL/I, and Assembler, to develop mainframe financial and procurement applications. The following describes some of Bob's accomplishments:

Contract Web Developer (Spherion Corporation), IBM/Beaverton, May 2001 – September, 2001

I developed a Web site to track major IT changes affecting domestic and international IBM manufacturing and laboratory organizations. The Web site consists of over 40 Web pages logically linked in a way that employees can easily follow the status of all major IT projects. The site was designed in accordance with internal IBM Web standards. I also developed server side PERL CGI scripts to track Web site accesses, including Web page hit counts, and remote host identification and logging. I developed the site using HTML, MS FrontPage, JavaScript, PERL, MS Access, and Server Side Includes. 

Independent Consultant, June 2000 - Present

I develop Web sites for clients using HTML, MS FrontPage, JavaScript, and PERL. For an example, see the Customer Satisfaction Survey at

Software Quality Manager, EPRI (Electric Power Research Institute), 1995 - June 2000

I was brought into EPRI to analyze the causes of inadequate customer satisfaction with EPRI software. I established a company-wide Software Quality Policy that encompassed QA Best Practices, including clearly defined metrics, process improvement feedback loops, CMM and ISO 9000 standards, a Web based Software Development Guide, and well-defined Test Plans. EPRI software is targeted for Web browsers, Windows NT/95, Mac, and Unix systems. Using my QA Management, QA Engineering, and Training skills, I accomplished the following:

• EPRI software quality customer satisfaction was improved by 100%, as measured by an independent firm.

• The Web based Software Development Guide is now used by over 100 software development companies (

• I designed a vendor "Quality Capability Review" process, based on ISO 9000 and CMM Best Practices. This review is now used for all new EPRI software contracts: (

• I established an independent Software Acceptance Test Laboratory. This lab tested over 250 new and upgraded Windows NT/98/95 applications, and provided detailed test results and grades.

• I designed a Y2K program to remediate 400 EPRI software applications. This program resulted in a $1.5 Million dollar savings for EPRI, and 100% Y2K Compliance (

Development Manager, QA Manager, Advisory Programmer, IBM/San Jose-Santa Teresa, 1972 - 1994

1993 – 1994: I was manger of the Process Improvement Department for the Information Development organization. QA Best Practices were taught and implemented throughout the organization.

1990 – 1992: I led the effort to train over 1,200 software engineers in the Defect Prevention Process (DPP), which was a key process used to significantly reduce service costs throughout IBM. 75% of all development teams at Santa Teresa used the process to improve software quality.

1986 – 1989: I led the effort to provide QA oversight of IBM’s leading edge object oriented application development environment and object repository. I was the team leader for 10 QA engineers from three IBM software development labs.

1976 – 1985: I was the manager and project leader for the effort to implement a new IMS/DB-DC procurement application that replaced over 18 disparate legacy procurement applications throughout IBM.

1972 – 1975: I was the team lead for the installation and support of the Corporate Ledger System at IBM’s San Jose Manufacturing site, and the Division Headquarters group.

Summary of Skills

Management: People Management, Project Management, Project Risk Assessments, Software Quality Assessments, Vendor Management, Training

Quality Improvement: Process Improvement Methodologies, Root Cause Analysis (Defect Prevention Process), ISO 9000, CMM, TQM, QA Best Practices

Technical: FrontPage 2000, HTML, JavaScript, PERL CGI, Beginning C, WinRunner, Business Systems Analysis, Business Process Modeling, PL/I, COBOL, Assembler, JCL, IMS/MVS, CICS, DB2, SQL, MS Access

Office: Lotus Notes, MS Word, MS PowerPoint, MS EXCEL, MS Project

Awards and Recognition

• EPRI: Performance Recognition Award for improving Customer Satisfaction by 100%

• IBM: Distinguished Contribution Award for the Deployment of the Defect Prevention Process (DPP)

• QAI: Best of The Best Award from the Quality Assurance Institute (QAI) for the Deployment of the Defect Prevention Process at IBM, 1992 and 1993

• QAI: Best Speaker Award at the 1993 QAI International Practitioners Conference


• Craig Kaplan, Ph.D., Chief Executive Officer, iQ Company 831-252-0308

• John Houck, President, SatisfactionWorks 415-641-1984

• Rick Crivello, Account Manager, Analysts International Corp. 408-683-0403

• Mary McKenna, Software Quality Manager, EPRI  650-855-7931

• Marilyn Valentino, Software QA Engineer, EPRI   650-855-7962

• Richard Parady, Manager of Development (IBM, retired) 831-338-3657

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