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Joan J. Keller

Quality Process Management Consultant


Joan is a specialist in business process definition, assessment and improvement. Her clients are manufacturing companies and/or software development organizations. She has specific experience in all phases of software development and software project management. As an independent process consultant she is skilled in using several assessment/ improvement methods, including: ISO 9000, Malcolm Baldrige and SEI CMM.


  • ISO 9000 consultant 7/01/95 to present
    Direct management and staff of client companies to define, document, and implement their key processes. Assist organization to define new processes, assess and improve their current key processes, for positive impact on key business measures such as customer satisfaction, product quality, and process speed. Prepare the organization to pass audits leading to ISO 9001 certification or other quality assessments. Clients include software development and telecommunications manufacturing companies.
  • Software development process assessment / improvement 3/01/93 - 7/15/94
    With a core team of seven people, completed process assessment, defined the process improvement strategy, drove process improvement, and wrote the application which won for Santa Teresa Laboratory the gold level Malcolm Baldrige award in IBM's quality program. Effort involved 1600 people in five functional areas. Process improvement activities also accomplished the ISO 9000 certification for the laboratory. Received "pivotal contribution" award for this work.
  • Program Manager, Cleanroom Software Engineering technology transfer 3/10/90 - 3/01/93
    Worked in partnership with the IBM Cleanroom Technology Center, Gaithersburg, to train and support 11 pilot teams at STL to implement Cleanroom software engineering in their various projects. Taught Cleanroom overview class. Negotiated funding for the pilot teams. Helped develop process which merged object-oriented process with Cleanroom methods. Was invited speaker at Worldwide Software Development Conference in Toronto, May, 1992, to present the merged process and its results. Published three technical reports which were widely distributed within IBM. Invited to present findings to Japanese Union of Scientists and Engineers, and to several other IBM laboratories.
  • Software Development Manager 5/02/87 - 3/10/90
    Managed team which added national language support, error processing, standards compliance and new features to a complex, undocumented prototype of a large data base access and management tool. Concurrently, directed the implementation of a configuration management system to support a development team which grew from 6 to 44 programmers. The system included library control, test-to-development interface tools and procedures, error tracking and reporting, and product packaging and installation processes. Also defined and implemented the transfer of the product code and skills to the service team at end of project.
  • Software/Hardware Interface Test Manager 11/20/82 - 5/02/87
    Manager of department which tested the data management components of the MVS and VM operating systems, when these systems were enhanced to support new DASD, tape or printer devices. Directed the design and development of a test tool which automated tailoring of our test case libraries for variations in device characteristics and operating systems. Reduced required test cases from over 2400 to less than 600, while increasing software product test coverage. Reduced effort to generate new variations of test cases for new devices by more than 80%.
  • Code Integration and Driver Build Manager 11/21/81 - 11/20/82
    Managed 24-hour department which gathered, compiled and integrated code for the IMS and DB2 products. Supported over 300 software developers, delivered up to seven updated systems daily from development to formal test. Directed a series of changes to the configuration management system which more than doubled the throughput of that system within one year, without interrupting daily deliveries of testable systems.
  • Programmer, code integration and system build, customer support 9/4/71 - 11/21/81
    Provided library control and system integration and build support for approximately 200 programmers who were building new features on the data management access methods of MVS. With one other programmer, defined strategy and supported the combination of several access methods into a single integrated, installable product. Reduced DASD usage for development libraries by 17 volumes, and reduced processing time for system integration and build by over 50%.

    With a team of 3 programmers, designed and developed performance enhancement to the Sequential Access Method of MVS. Improved performance of SAM by more than 25% average. The SAM-E product was the highest return-on-investment software product for IBM that year, as a separately priced feature of the MVS operating system.

    Supported the sequential access methods of the MVS operating system, by responding to customer-reported problems, doing problem analysis and building fixes for the problems. Responsible for over 300 modules, averaging 400-500 lines of code each. Promoted to Staff Programmer on basis of high volume of problems handled and high-quality of fixes provided. Developed training package and taught first groups from another division who were taking over the change team work. Received award for excellence in this effort.


  • UC Santa Cruz Extension, Software Engineering certificate.
  • San Jose State University, graduate work in Industrial Psychology and Total Quality Management
  • IBM, Market Driven Quality training including: Malcolm Baldrige, ISO 9000, SEI/CMM, Deming
  • Mission College / West Valley College, Level I Certificate in Supervision and Management
  • IBM, New Manager School plus minimum of 40 hours formal classes per year for 8 years.
  • IBM Computer Science education, 12 weeks, plus 50 hours/year for 12 years, plus on-job training.
  • Cleanroom Software Engineering, certificate from IBM Cleanroom Technology Center.
  • University of Utah, B. S., (Industrial) Psychology


  • Instructor, UC Santa Cruz Extension, Software Engineering program.
  • Member, American Society for Quality



Phone: 408-268-3490

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