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As a Technical Director in Xpedior’s San Francisco office Mr. Hanshew directed engagements with Cisco Systems, and Business Wire.  He assisted Cisco’s Internet Commerce group to enhance their purchasing engine and to create B2B links to AT&T, Ariba and CommerceOne.  Prior to joining Xpedior Mr. Hanshew was the  "Practice Area Manager" for MCI/Systemhouse’s Enterprise Application Integration Solutions Group.  As a Chief Architect for MCI Systemhouse, he led the Forte First Strike and System Enterprise Management Teams for MCI Systemhouse’s Delta Group. He led the architecture team for the NYPD E911 project, the New York Police Department’s computer aided dispatch system.  As Associate Chief Architect for Systemhouse’s Technology Network, he specified and designed systems, hired personnel and assisted in the management of the group.  As Sr. Technical Architect for Mexico’s Hacienda Tax Processing System, he designed and led the implementation of an automated tax processing system for the government of Mexico. Proposed, designed and directed the implementation of major system expansions to engineering drawing image systems for GE Steam Turbine, GE Aircraft Engines, Boeing Commercial Aircraft, Pratt & Whitney Jet Engine, Lockheed and Westinghouse.  Prior to these projects assisted in the software development efforts for Texaco’s document management system.  Before starting a career in computers Mr. Hanshew enjoyed a seven-year career as the Lead Developer of the mathematics component of the Biomedical Interdisciplinary Curriculum Development Project.


1999 to 2001 - XPEDIOR

Technical Director

  • Directed engagements with Cisco Systems and led Xpedior’s Enterprise Application Integration practice in the Western Region. Xpedior’s Cisco projects have enhanced Cisco’s Internet Commerce purchasing engine and helped them to develop B2B interfaces with AT&T as well as assisted in designing their integration infrastructure for future B2B integration efforts.

1992 to 1999 - MCI SYSTEMHOUSE / EDS

Chief Architect (1995 to 1999)

  • Practice Area Manager for the Enterprise Application Integration Solutions Group. Managed work assignments, performed quality assurance on technical materials and provided technical sales support. Expert in all phases of EAI architecture.
  • Led MCI Systemhouse’s Forte ‘First Strike Teams’, a group that provided ‘quick start’ Forte development environments.  Managed the System Enterprise Management group while part of the Delta Group.  This group executed a three phase plan to implement Systemhouse’s enterprise management methodology for non-outsourcing clients.  Was the Chief Architect for the New York Police Department’s Enhanced 911 (NYPD E-911) project. The system is 99.999% available, links over 1000 computers and features a fault tolerant LAN. Led a  team of architects and guided project management in the selection of a system architecture that included Forte, Focus, Oracle, DB/2, Spectrum and Remedy products.

Associate Chief Architect (1993 to 1995)

  • Assisted in the formulation of SHL’s Forte Model Architecture and assisted in the management of the Architecture Group within the Technology Network.

Senior Technical Architect and Associate Chief Architect (1992 to 1993)

  • Designed the Hacienda Imaging System, Mexico's automated tax processing system. After designing the system, led the implementation project all the way through acceptance.  The system scans tax forms, captures and interprets hand print, machine print, bar code and check box information.  It archives and retrieves document images. Optical disk libraries provide storage of all scanned images.  The system processes approximately four million double-sided pages per month during peak periods.


  Software Development Manager
  • Managed a technical staff of 8 - 10 professionals.  In addition, proposed, designed and analyzed the CADSTAR system, an expansion of Westinghouse's engineering drawing imaging system. Additionally, proposed, designed, and directed the implementation of a major system expansion to ADSRS, GE Schenectady's image system.


Software Development Manager
  • Designed and implemented a number of engineering drawing image systems that utilized VAX/VMS/"C"/Ingres-ABF and proprietary Integrated Automation environments for clients such as Pratt & Whitney, General Electric, Boeing and Westinghouse. Designed and implemented the Ops Systems Software, a generic service layer for imaging systems.  As a Senior Software Engineer, maintained and enhanced automated document retrieval systems in a Data General/AOS and proprietary Integrated Automation environments for Texaco in White Plains and New Orleans.

1981 to 1982  - DESIGN LOGIC

As a Software Engineer

  • Developed graphics application software on a CalComp CAD system in CalComp's proprietary graphics language.

1980 to 1981 - GRAVITRONICS

As a Software Engineer
  • Developed graphics application software on Data General Computers in FORTRAN for the Ramtec 9000.

1978 to 1981  - FORD AEROSPACE

As a Software Engineer
  • Documented and analyzed the application code developed for the Army's AN/FTC-31 telephone switch in a Data General assembler environment and the AUTODIN II packet switching network in a DEC/UNIX environment.


As the Principal Designer and Developer
  • Designed and developed the mathematics portions of the Biomedical Interdisciplinary Curriculum Project.


  • Taught Mathematics and Science in Liberia, West Africa.


IBM PC Compatible, Sun, HP, MacIntosh, IBM RS/6000, Cabletron, Cisco


UNIX (AIX, HPUX, Solaris, Ultrix), Windows 95/98/2000/NT 4.0, MacOS, VMS, Tibco Active Enterprise, Tibco Active Exchange, Active Software (now WebMethods), SonicMQ, JMS

DATABASES: Oracle, MS SQL Server, ODBC, JDBC, Ingres


EDUCATION: Stanford University, Bachelor of Science, Mathematics and Chemistry

OTHER LANGUAGES: Spanish, French (reading), German (reading), Swahili (reading)

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