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About iQ Company

iQ Company stands for Innovation and Quality. Since 1993, our CEO, Dr. Craig Kaplan, has been helping other CEOs and top executives understand complex information technology issues so that they can make better strategic and operational decisions.

Often consulting clients ask us to help them prepare Requests for Proposals (RFPs) for large technology projects of all sorts. Frequently we help them manage the RFP process and evaluate proposals from other vendors. Occasionally we will even help them manage the vendor. Our goal is usually to help clients obtain a solution that meets their needs and that is delivered on-schedule and within-budget.

For clients who need customized online assessment solutions, iQ may serve as a solutions provider. In this case, we actually license and/or build a technology solution rather than helping the client manage another vendor. Eight years of experience, and several generations of assessment technology, usually allow us to deliver a better assessment technology solution for less cost than the competition.

Clients looking to incorporate collective intelligence in their decision support, problem solving, or knowledge management solutions, look to us for consulting and design advice in this emerging field.

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